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Timeless and Classic: When Did Diamonds Become Popular?

Diamonds are forever.

It has become a symbol of commitment and romance and the whole world knows it.

The most popular diamond rings are staples for engagements and weddings. But what started this popularity? And what are the most popular diamonds today?

Let’s Go Back to the Past

The very first record of a diamond engagement ring dates back to 1477.

Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave one to Mary of Burgundy. But during this time, diamonds were only for royalty, nobility, and the upper class.

It wasn’t until 1947 that diamond rings became a trend.

De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. now called De Beers, started a campaign together with agency N.W. Ayer, to advertise diamond rings.

They started the slogan “A diamond is forever” to show that marriages can last long like the diamond.

This campaign, reinforced through media and pop culture, boomed its popularity.

Even with millennial trends, diamond continues to be a popular engagement and wedding ring.

Most Popular Diamond Cuts

A diamond’s cut or shape affects its appearance and brilliance.
Cut affects the proportions of the diamond and how it reflects light. Here are some of the most popular cuts of diamonds over the years.

Read here for more information diamond cuts.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The most popular cut around, round cut diamonds give out the most sparkle. There are two round cuts available: the European cut and the modern brilliant cut.

Almost 75% of diamonds sold are round cut diamonds, and they are also the most brilliant choice for rings. The process of cutting the diamonds makes it the most expensive of all cuts.

Majestic Princess-cut Diamonds

Wholesale Oval Diamond Rings Dallas 3 1 300x225, Shira DiamondsIt was not until the 1980s that the princess cut diamonds became popular.

A lot of people choose this cut for its sleek and modern design. It has a mixture of both brilliance and step cuts.

Timeless Cushion-cut Diamonds

Also called the “pillow cut”, it has a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners. Cuts like this can have 58 or 64 facets and can look both trendy or timeless.

A modified cushion brilliant-cut can even make your diamond look like ice.

Unique Oval-cut Diamonds

Are you looking for a unique cut that still has the same brilliance of round-cut diamonds?

Oval-cut diamonds are perfect for anyone and can make your fingers look more slender.

This was first introduced in the 1950s by a Russian diamond cutter and has become popular ever since.

Fashionable Emerald-cut Diamonds

Emerald cuts were the most popular back in the 1920s due to the Art Deco trend.

Though it has less brilliance and shine compared to other cuts, it has an elegance that looks good on even rings.

Dazzling Radiant-cut Diamonds

The radiant cut combines the elegance of the emerald cut plus the brilliance of the round cut. This was the idea when it was first introduced in the 1970s.

Luxurious Asscher Cut Diamonds

Another step cut, Asscher diamond cuts started in the 1900s but started becoming popular in the 2000s. It is like the emerald cut with an added mirror effect.

Teardrop or Pear-cut Diamonds

More popular as an accent stone for ring bands but has since become centerpieces for rings. It is also popular for necklaces and earrings.

Rare Diamond Types In The World

Diamonds are very popular. Those that are available anywhere in the market are the lower quality ones.

Natural diamonds take at least three billion years to form, that’s why they are expensive.

Some are so rare that they are priceless. Rarity can depend on their color, type, and amount of impurities present.

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Colored Diamonds

Color is one aspect that makes a diamond rare.

You might not be seeing a lot of colored diamonds. Naturally colored ones are only 0.01% of all the total mined diamonds in the world.

  • Red Diamonds- They are so rare that there according to Rarest.org, there are less than 30 pieces found. This also means that they are the most expensive type of diamonds. The first discovered red diamond, Red Hancock, was about $926,000 per carat.
  • Blue Diamonds- These are the most in-demand colored ones even though second only in rarity. The color blue is best associated with royalty. Most of the blue diamonds in the world come from India and South Africa.
  • Green Diamonds- These diamonds get their natural green color from natural irradiation. Most green diamonds in the market are irradiated in labs which makes them affordable. There are only two natural green diamonds like the Dresden Green diamond.
  • Orange Diamonds- Pure orange diamonds are also a rare occurrence. Though rare they are not in-demand but are only considered collector’s items. The most popular one is the Pumpkin, a 5.54-carat diamond.
  • Pink Diamonds- Pink diamonds are most popular for their rosy and feminine hue. The most famous ones are the Iranian crown jewels, Daria-i-Noor and Noor-ul-Ain. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia produces 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.

Type IIa Diamonds

Only 1% of the world’s diamonds are Type IIa diamonds. They have impressive clearness forms because they have zero nitrogen impurities.

They can also be light blue, green, or pink. They are also called the “Golconda Diamonds”, after the famous diamond mine in India.

Famous diamonds belong to this category. Some of them are the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, The Graff Pink, and the Koh-i-Noor, found in the British Crown.

Type Ib and IIb Diamonds

Type Ib diamonds are famous as “canary” colors like orange, yellow, or brown. They have very rare, warm-toned colors and only 0.1% of natural diamonds belong to this category.

Type IIb diamonds are very rare and valuable. Many bluish-gray ones are also known to conduct electricity.

Diamonds are Indeed, Forever

Through the years, diamond rings have continued to be a great symbol of everlasting love.

Even though this idea started because of a marketing strategy, it will never go away.

With different cuts and shapes, diamonds have left a great impact on traditions. Indeed, the saying “A diamond is forever” continues to be true.

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